Now, say goodbye to your dry, scaly skin with Tiffalina’s HCG Diet Safe Lotion!!! It’s not a typical creamy lotion. This light-weight lotion is a great option for clients who experience dry skin while they are on the HCG diet. It contains no fats, no oils or no other ingredients.



The Tiffalina’s lotion is travel size;it’s small and convenient to carry while traveling (while you are on the HCG Diet). Moreover, it’s the perfect size for your car, purse and desk. So, one will never have a dry, scaly skin again while reaching the weight loss goals.

Tiffalina’s HCG Diet Safe Lotion Reviews

Most of the lotions contain fats, oils, creams and other high-fat ingredients. The consistency of this Tiffalina’s brand of HCG Diet safe lotion is not like other typical creamy lotion available in the market. It is very thin, light weight oil-free lotion (perfect for your body and face) that can be carried everywhere. Customers have rated 4.5 stars out of 5. There are both negative and positive reviews for this product.

“Good product…”

“It’s an amazing lotion for phase 2 diet that can be used during the winter/spring time.”

“This lotion is a bit sticky and watery.”

“I am so happy to have this. I love using this lotion in the dry winter months. It gives a bit sticky feeling in the beginning, but later it works well. Removed my entire dry itchy skin feel!!!”

“The lotion cannot be called the best. But it is capable of beating the baby oil for HCG. I am planning to use for the next round.”

“The product is not very good. It is making my hands dry. It is light but very sticky. I am not at all impressed.”