Tiffalina’s HCG Diet Safe Personal Care Sampler Pack

One of the major requirements for the HCG diet program is to avoid all kinds of cosmetics that have fat content. In that regard one might have to let go almost all kinds of products. This is why Tiffalina’s is offering these HCG diet safe personal care products. For the beginners there is this Tiffalina’s HCG diet safe personal care sampler pack. This sampler pack has the samples that are one-time use quantity in them. The single use of all these products can make a great impression in you is what they really believe.



Tiffalina’s HCG Diet Sample Pack Contains

  • Tiffalina’s HCG approved shampoo with a quantity of 12 ml
  • Tiffalina’s HCG approved conditioner with the same amount- 12 ml
  • 12 ml of Tiffalina’s HCG approved skin lotion
  • Tiffalina’s HCG approved lip balm that weighs just 0.78 g
  • Small pack of face cream

The shampoo and conditioner contains fresh coconut breeze scent. The contents can gently wash and clean the hair without damaging it. It also nourishes and detangles the hair. It contains no chemicals or additives that can make the hair dry. The skin lotion is fragrance free and oil free with no chemicals pr dye. It moisturizes the skin thoroughly and does not cause greasiness also.

Why Tiffalina’s Beauty Products?

Oil free and fat free is the major motto of HCG diet and the Tiffalina’s personal care products so along with that rule. Any amount of fat on the skin gets absorbed and can shake the entire weight loss program. It can slow down the weight loss process or could even cause you to gain weight when you are supposed to lose.

Moreover, this sampler pack is shipper for free within USA and you don’t have to pay even a penny extra to test the samples. It provides you a great opportunity to test the samples before you buy the actual products that can cost you much more. In addition to this, this sampler pack costs just less than $5. You can order it online and get it shipped for free.

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