Tiffalina’s Oil-Free Hair Care Kit (HCG Diet-Safe) – Shampoo & Conditioner

The Secret mantra to weight loss is fat free, oil free and toxin free. HCG diet is very strict being completely oil free. Even the hair can stay oil free for a while. But the usual store bought shampoo and conditioner contains oils and many toxins. This can stall or slow down the weight loss pace a little. When you want weight loss faster and in compliance with the HCG drops and diet, it is better to opt for the HCG safe personal care products.



This Tiffalina’s oil free hair care kit that is HCG diet safe shampoo and conditioner. This shampoo and conditioner contains no harmful ingredient that can throw away the HCG diet. It is gentle to the hair and cleanses well to keep it clean and healthy. The conditioner can be used for deep cleaning and keeps the hair soft and silky.

Both the Tiffalina’s shampoo and conditioner keeps the natural moisture and oil in the hair and does not make it dry or frizzy. The conditioner is capable of penetrating the hair to de-tangle it and revitalizes it to have deep conditioning without any chemicals.

This hair care kit provides a coconut breeze effect and its natural qualities as well. Both the shampoo and conditioner comes in 12 oz bottles. For those who want to try the products before purchasing this larger bottle, there is a sample trial pack that has one product each for all the personal care products from Tiffalina’s. The sample pack contains each product in a onetime use pack. This sample is enough to get you the real idea about what these products can do to your hair.

Tiffalina’s has the complete range of personal care products that are HCG diet safe. It is not every day that you meet the complete range of these products that can promote weight loss rather than stalling it.


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