Triumph Multi Vitamin

The triumph Multivitamins include essential vitamins to balance your hcg diet.

  • includes Vitamin A, B, C, E vitamins to promote General health
  • Vitamin C to increase Antioxidants and Immunity
  • Vitamin D for Bone health and teeth
  • Vitamin E prevents Cell Damage
  • Over and above the Triumph Multivitamins include Phytonutrients from 10 different Vegetables


HCG Triumph Multivitamin tabs are the most essential of the tabs while on a HCG diet. For those who are aware of the stringent 500 Calorie diet, and for those who have gone through the range of reviews and side effects of the HCG diet, there are clear indications that the HCG diet does not provide you with the right amount of vitamins which cause a range of side effects. the Triumph Multi vitamins make everything possible with the HCG diet. Now lose weight and be healthy too with these Triumph Multi vitamin tablets. The Triumph Multivitamin tablets contain the essential ingredients derived from herbs and vegetables without the extra fat and calories. The 3 a day multivitamin tablets contain enough Vitamin C and B complex to keep you going with your diet.


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