It is generally said that living on protein rich foods during the HCG maintenance phase aids in maintaining the weight loss. Therefore more and more people are on the lookout for protein rich foods that they can include in their DIET phase 3 of HCG program. If you want to add some kick ass protein based products then here is a product that tastes just yummy.



Introducing to you is the all new “vanilla bean smoothie flavor” for protein smoothie base mix which is perfect for any HCG dieter in the phase 3. It is loaded with rich flavor and proteins that will satisfy your taste buds as well as keep your tummy full for a longer time. It can also be used as a snack as it’s quick and easy to use where ever you are. It is advised to take only one serving a day and you can check how it works for you.

You can buy the protein smoothie base mix separately and that is allowed during the phase 2 or very low calorie phases of the HCG program. Once you step into the phase 3 you can start adding these flavor packets and enjoy every sip of the smoothie.

Each HCG Maintenance Food packs Contains 7 HCG Maintenance Smoothie Flavor Packs, which you can mix with your white smoothie mix. Smoothies are an excellent way to stay hydrated to stop hunger pangs as they give us a feeling of a fuller stomach. I love having smoothies especially when on diets as they help to maintain the weight loss without adding many calories.

This smoothie is very low in calories and has zero cholesterol to offer. Isn’t it great?

Nutrition value per flavor packet: Serving Size is one packet for a day, one Container contains: 7 packets.
Total Calories 50, Total Fat content 4g, Saturated Fat 4g, Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 0mg, Sodium 0mg, Potassium 0mg, Total Carbs 5g, Dietary Fiber 0g, Sugars 1g and Protein 0g.

Ingredients: Medium chain triglycerides, corn starch, artificial flavors, maltodextrin, tricalcium phosphate, natural flavors, sucralose non-nutritive sweetener, beta-carotene for color. This product is processed in a facility that makes use of other items like milk, egg, soy, wheat, sesame, peanuts and tree nuts.

Bottom line: HCG diets are a tough nut to crack and choosing the right foods for each phase is indeed a tedious task. Stock this smoothie flavor and protein base mix which you can buy separately for both the phases. Happy dieting for an assured weight loss!