Vinaigrette HCG Diet Salad Dressing – 6 Packets

Salads are integral part of HCG diet. There is one mandatory vegetable salad with each main meal of the day. Since there are not many options to dress it for your satisfaction, one of the simplest solutions is to have apple cider vinegar. The same HCG diet is difficult to maintain when you are travelling.



To ease this trouble while traveling is these Vinaigrette HCG diet salad dressing packets. This package contains 6 packets of 1.5 fl oz each in it. Each packet can be used for only one serving. Keep these packets handy and you will not have to worry about increasing the calorie intake on trips. Each serving provides only 4 calories which is not much.

Ingredients Of Vinaigrette Hcg Diet Salad Dressing

It is made of filtered water, apple cider vinegar as major ingredients, along with some minor spices and condiments, to enhance the flavor of the salad, like organic stevia, salt, dehydrated garlic powder and onion powder and some added spices as well. Xanthan gum is used for the thickness to this salad dressing.

Just add a dash of this vinaigrette dressing over the bowl of salad, each time. A single packet is for single use only. There will be 6 packets of this Vinaigrette HCG diet salad dressing in the initial pack. The unopened packets need not be refrigerated.

Benefits Of Vinaigrette For Weight Loss

  • Apple cider vinegar is one of the popular aids for fat burning and weight loss. To start with, apple cider vinegar is the major ingredient in this salad dressing which contains many natural enzymes to improve the digestion.
  • There also are certain organic acids that can improve the overall metabolism as well.
  • The increase in metabolism leads to faster fat metabolism and weight loss.
  • Apple cider vinegar can suppress the appetite and encourages you to eat less. In the HCG diet this quality is a huge bonus since you are only to eat very less.
  • Apple cider vinegar can hydrate the body and refreshes it as well. it prevents the water retention in the body and eases the weight loss process without any hindrance.
  • It is the natural source of potassium and some fibers which help regulate the blood sugar level. It also helps slow down the digestion process to keep you fuller for long and also prevents the release of glucose into the blood. The prevention of sugar spike in the blood keep check on the cravings and make the HCG diet process smoother.
  • Finally, it is an excellent detoxifying agent to flush out waste and toxins from all parts of the body. It increases the blood flow to give boost to this entire process.


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