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New names always come up in the HCG industry and this HCG injections is 100% genuine, affordable and comes from Serum Institute India. We did a detailed review of this website and we found that they use the Sifasi Prescription strength HCG for treating infertility and weight loss.

While many of the Weight loss HCG has the same ingredients, the Sifasi brand by Novarel iu 5000 (the US Brand) is far more potent. If you look at the website, you would realize that Sifasi is more potent than HUCOG and Ovidac. There is a lot of information on the website which suggests the use of Sifasi for infertility; in both men and women but not once does it mention that it can be used for weight loss.

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Colin F Watson, one of the Few Internet HCG experts will recommend the Sifasi 5000 IU and 10000 IU Sifasi hcg injection for weight loss. Please do note that this seems to have worked for him but it will not necessarily work for you. This is a medical grade hcg and highly potent. If you are one of those few who would want a high potent drug to counter your weight loss problem while a low potent one will work the same and without any side effects, then you are welcome to go for it.

Personally, I don’t use napalm to kill cockroaches. A far less potent HUCOG should work for most people and with the kind of side effects the Sifasi HCG could give  Its recommended that you keep away from it, unless prescribed by a medical practitioner.

I am not against Colin F. Watson. The product may have worked for him, but recommending a prescription based medication for the general public is not responsible. The kind of side effects on Sifasi includes Weight gain, nausea, swelling in legs and arms and extreme pain in pelvis. Most of the HUCOG hcg injections like those recommended by Nuimage medical, New Edge health HCG, and Fast escrow refills are a lot more dilute and will be safe for use, but Sifasi? I doubt that a potent drug like that should ever be used without prescription.

Sifasi is not a bad choice of drug for infertility. As a matter of fact, it’s a great drug for Fertility but its surely not recommended for weight loss. Go for other Vendors like the New edge Health hcg instead.

Sifasi HCG Review

Sifasi available in 5000iu, 2000Iiu and hcg 10000 is a beneficial hcg diet program for weight loss. It helps in losing weight from almost all the areas (right from the belly to the thigh area).This high purity hcg is also available in treating pregnancy related issues that helps at dealing weight loss. Further you may visit the site to check more on sifasi 5000 inejection price, uses and many other related issues.

Update:Lose 15 Lbs now with NuImage Medical HCG injections. 100% Pure Prescription Weight Loss injection Manufactured in US Pharmacy.

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