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Yes, it’s true! The best HCG hormone drops in the market helped to lose 1 pound of body weight a day. Research has already established the effects of HCG hormone drops for weight loss. But the scientific ‘proof’ is yet awaited. Already there has been many who have had successful weight loss. What waited is the real proof of what really caused this to lose 1 pound per day, the HCG hormone drops, or the HCG hormone diet?

This miraculous effect of hcg hormone was later experimented and revealed as a weight loss aid that can work for both men and women. This hormone is extracted and formulated into easy to administer HCG drops that must be taken sublingual so as to help lose the body fat, one pound per day. The success and popularity of HCG drops is that it can be used by anyone, who is targeting any amount of weight loss. Anyone can follow this HCG drops program for weight loss.

The best HCG hormone drops in the market right now is HCG complex drops with a high successful rate of more than 98%. This shows how effective these pregnancy hormone drops are. With the ample support of the HCG hormone drops diet, the unwanted stored fat would soon be history.

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HCG Hormone Drops & Diet Meal Plan Explained

HCG hormone drops works when there is a lack of enough energy sources in the body. To create this situation one has to eat less that they usually eat but not more than 1200 calories per day. The success rate really depends on this HCG hormone drop and diet team going together.

In the initial years and still widely followed diet regime is 500 calories per day. But that is a harder diet plan and this best and successful pregnancy hormone drops allows the customers to choose 500, 800 or 1200 calories diet to go along with the hormone drops. The hormone drops and the diet must be simultaneously. The hormone will then find the hidden stored fat burn them for the energy requirements.

The basic meal plan is not to eat any real breakfast and satisfy you with a cup of tea or coffee with no sugar or milk. No sugar, no carbohydrates, no dairy, no fat should be followed from day 3 of the HCG drops. Lunch includes a small bowl of vegetables and a loaf of bread with a small piece of lean meat. A dessert is allowed in the form of an apple or a handful of strawberries or other allowed fruits from the list.

The list of allowed foods on hcg diet and what should be avoided are all provided with the kit of hormone drops on purchase. The diet plan continues for as long as the drops are being taken and for an additional 2 days after stopping the drops. The diet is unhealthy without the HCG drops and HCG drops cannot perform without the assistance of this very low calorie diet.

HCG hormone drops to lose weight can be the hormone alone or in combination with other fat burning herbal extracts. Whatever the drops are, it must have the real HCG hormone drops in it. The real HCG hormone drops are the one with the real and pure HCG hormone in it.

HCG Hormone Diet Dr Oz

The HCG hormone diet initially proposed by Dr. Simeons was to follow the 500 calories per day. Dr Oz has modified this ‘unhealthy’ diet. He proposed to have the HCG diet be flexible and the calorie intake must be between 500-1500 calories per day. This calorie limit must be determined according to the individual health and need. Not all are fit to follow the 500 calorie diet; it should be followed by only who are fit to do so.

Pregnancy Hormone Diet – What You Must Know

  • The first thing you need to know that the pregnancy hormone diet is NOT clinically proven to be effective for weight loss. There are users and the HCG is effective. But researchers love to add that the effects come from the low calorie diet. If that was the case why would anyone even try the HCG drops or other weight loss aids?
  • So the second point is that it is effective. How and exact method is yet to be established.
  • The third point is that HCG hormone drops are not homeopathic drops. Homeopathic means it has to be diluted and no hormone in diluted state can be called a real hormone.
  • Fourth point is that never cheat on the hormone diet. The slightest variation from the daily calorie limit can affect the one pound weight loss per day. The weight loss may stop or even cause you to gain weight.
  • The fifth point is a way for you to rectify in case you cheated on the diet. If you have eaten more than the allowed calorie limit, observe an only-apple day. Eat 6 apples and nothing else for the next day. Drink plenty of water in between but no other food of any kind. Consider it your penance.

HCG Hormone Drops Vs Hormone Free Drops

There are numerous HCG products that claim to be authentic and containing HCG in it. Do know that if the label does not show the actual ingredients, the product is not trustworthy. The HCG hormone drop should have real HCG in it. Hormone free drops are not the real HCG products and should not be relied upon to lose weight.

The hormone free hcg drops contain certain compounds that stimulate the body’s own facility in producing HCG and bring the same effect as HCG. Is that reliable? Not at all! There are no traces of HCG and by putting this word on the product people are mislead. With the hormone free drops, you will manage to lose weight, may be 1 pound a day also, but the weight loss will be difficult to maintain. Moreover, you will be left starved.

With the HCG hormone drops, there should be real starvation as the hormone works to fulfill the energy needs and curb the starved feeling. In addition to this, you might also be losing the muscle mass and not the stored fat. The genuine HCG hormone drops will be able to control the appetite and cravings, at the same time maintain a healthy weight loss by utilizing the unused stored fat rather than reaching for the muscle fat or the reserved fat.

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HCG Hormone Drops Reviews

There are lots of HCG hormone drops available in the market. There are HCG drops with the hormone alone and also the drops that have the hormone in combination with other ingredients as well. Do know that the hormone only HCG drops that come with a doctor’s prescription is the genuine HCG hormone drops? The HCG drops with other ingredients does not require a prescription as it contains less amount of the hormone, but hormone it carries.

The reviews show that people finding success with the various HCG weight loss programs. The programs differ in the duration of the hormone drops administration. It can last anywhere from 7 days to as long as 90-120 days. The package includes the enough amounts of HCG drops in it. The HCG drops and the diet is to be combined together as per the rules to find success.

  • Dorita is a user who lost 20 pounds in a matter of 6 weeks. This accounts for a weight loss achieved almost 1 pound per day. She says as long anyone buys it from the right place and follow the diet properly there is no harm in trying it.
  • Sophie is another user who has tried so many weight loss programs and had lost 8 pounds in 14 days with HCG drops. She is planning to order more for further weight loss. According to her, HCG diet is simple to follow and no fuss.
  • Sarah is among the second round users. She says she never felt hungry and could sleep better. With lots of energy felt, the only exercise she did was some walking.
  • Roxy, an ecstatic user with a success rate of 1 pound per day with HCG drops says it is no easy to route to lose weight with the diet. He is happy with the easy administration but the diet had been a trial. He managed to stick to it and in the end the results were fruitful.
  • Mandy was skeptical about HCG drops but after using it, managed to avoid the usual cravings. The meals were too small but adequate for the needs and to keep the hunger away. She says she would use it again, if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions About HCG Hormone Drops

Is there any HCG hormone drops side effects?

Though not widely seen there are a few side effects for the HCG hormone drops. Since the drops contain real HCG hormone, it may show pregnancy like symptoms. Women might experience morning sickness, presence of HCG on their pregnancy test, even if they are not really pregnant. Some men may show breast enlargement, which can be embarrassing. But these symptoms are only temporary. They show only as long as the HCG hormone is taken inside. It should go within 3-4 days once you have stopped the hormone drops.

What are the HCG hormone diet side effects?

The HCG hormone diet can cause minor headaches in many. Fatigue, irritability etc are also seen. The sudden difference in the calorie change causes this. Once the person gets used to the regime, the headache will be gone. It takes about a week’s time for the body to get used to it.

Can I use only HCG hormone drops for weight loss?

No, the weight loss happens only when you combine the HCG drops with the HCG diet. Yes, you can lose weight without the drops, in which case the weight you lost would be from the muscle fat and not the stored fat that you hate. For a healthy weight loss, it is important to combine HCG drops and HCG diet. Follow the diet for as long as you take the drops. Even after you stop taking the drops, traces of HCG can still be there inside the body so follow the diet for an additional day or 2 for best results.

How to take the hormone drops?

The hormone drops must be taken sublingual, under the tongue. Take up the required amount of HCG liquid and drop in the needed 10 drops under the tongue. Keep the drops there for as long as you can. The liquid will be absorbed directly to the circulatory system bypassing the threat of digestion. The minimum recommended time to keep the liquid under there is 5 minutes. It may not be physically possible but prolong it to the limits. The remaining liquid could be swallowed.

How to find authentic HCG hormone drops?

The reliable HCG hormone drops is of pharmaceutical grade, in its purest form. If you find any HCG drops that needs a doctor’s prescription grab it! The others may have other ingredients added that can lessen the real effect of the hormone.

Where to buy HCG hormone drops online?

HCG hormone drops for sale UK, US, Australia, Canada, and so many other countries. The best place to buy the HCG drops would be the manufacturer’s site. Some companies have international shipment also. In that case the import or taxation would come in addition to the price of the HCG drops. Some countries have banned the sale of HCG drops so you may need to check with the local rules before you place order.

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