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The debate on Whats Legit and whats not continues. Legit HCG Drops? is there anything that is legit about a product which is banned by FDA. The turn of events after 2010 has seen hcg in bad light. People put on diets with 500 calorie seems to be a bit harsh for the Government. As a matter of fact, it seems more harsh than people suffering from obesity!

When we talk Legit hcg we are not talking about if its legal or not. We are talking about if its real, Pure and genuine. The question whether hcg works or not is one thing. But if you believe it works and if you want to try out the best product in the market, Read on.

Triumph HCG

For Weight Loss

Triumph HCG Drops

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What is Legit HCG Drops?

Legit HCG is the purest form of HCG drops. No additives, no chemicals or preservatives. and the bad news for you is that there is no legit HCG drops in the market. I mean no PURE HCG Drops online. All HCG drops will come with some additives. Some in the form of ingredients to increase energy levels and others with additives to help you fight hunger, and all of them do have some form of preservatives. At the end of the day , you have no pure hcg drops in the market.

Below are the Labels for some of the best hcg drops in the market. Note the ingredients in each of them.

1. HCG Complex by Biosource hcg
2. Triumph hcg by
3. Nuimage HCG by nuimage medical
4. Easy HCG Drops
5. Official HCG drops

Update:Hormone Free HCG diet Drops By Biosource Labs. HCG complex is not only the best selling Weight loss drops online but is also very effective, comes with an extensive support and guarantees results

But if you think that these are one of the few products which are bogus, let me remind you that these are the sites which give the best results in the HCG drops industry and is trusted by 1000’s of people. The sales for each of these sites are far more than you would want to imagine and its in 100’s of thousands in dollars every month.

Redefining Legit in the The HCG industry

Its time people thought of legit in a different way. When it comes to Legit, it should state if it works. And if a product works, then its legit in many ways. In that sense, Most of the hCG products listed above works and works well.

Legit Websites & Sources where you can buy HCG drops online

Below are the list of the top 5 hcg drops which are termed legit in the industry. I repeat, the FDA does not approve of HCG drops for weight loss and is not legal to be sold over the counter. There are no measures taken to stop the sales online and these products are freely available online. We have sourced these website names based on the number of sales generated by each of the suppliers and from testimonials from customers.

HCG Complex By Biosource Labs

Hormone Free hcg drops for Weight loss. Best selling product online for weight loss.
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Where to buy Legit HCG drops online?

The list of websites above have a shopping area for you to purchase hcg drops online. You can also buy HCG drops from GNC.

HCG Drops

Hormone FREE

Biosource Labs

HCG complex Check Price Best Selling Weight loss drops online

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