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Venus factor is body transformation program which is carried out through a stretch of physical routines. Unlike any other fitness program Venus factor starts with the detail evaluation of the current state of the body by measuring the proportion of your size to your height. This will help the user to know the intensity and the amount of effort needed to reach a specific goal. Venus factor provides a series of video which will guide the user to learn and practice the exercises. The repetition usually ranges within 10 to 12 reps which make it easy to follow and practice. This also helps in muscle building. Appropriate rest is also included in the routine to give that need relaxation to the muscles. The workouts follow a cyclical nature and this helps in the fine tuning of the muscles which helps in the burning the fat. Metabolism plays a huge role in the burning of fat. Metabolism basically means how fast your food is converted into energy and this cycle should increase. If the body has more of fat and less of muscles the conversion rate will be low and muscles burns fat and increase the metabolism.

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VenusIndex’s ideal Body Ratio

  • Height to Weight Ratio: The ideal waist size suggested by Venus factor is 38% of your height. This can be found by multiplying your height in centimeters into 0.38
  • Waist to hip Ratio: Multiply the waist circumference by 1.42 to get your ideal measurement.
  • Waist to shoulder ratio: To get the ideal number multiply your shoulder size with 1.6.

The Venus Factor package comes with a bunch of things to get you started. The main components include:

  • The main manual: This is the manual which will help you to find out where you are and how much effort should be put to reach the stated ideal level. This will also contain the VenusIndex’s Ideal body ratio for knowing the ideal for your body structure.
  • Workout time diet: From the above manual you would have found out the need to gain or lose weight to reach your target. Unlike other plans it does not put you into a strict and crazy diet which can starve you. Venus Factor’s diet is related to the target and it revolves around body centric eating plan.
  • Workout manual: This is the most crucial part of the workout program which contains all the required exercises charted for a period of weeks which is the promise of Venus factor. The workout manual contains a step by step explanation of the exercises to meet the required ideal target.
  • Schedule of Workouts: The whole Venus Factor is divided into three phases. It is scheduled across 12 weeks and is designed to get the results in the promised 12 week time period.


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