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The HCG diet program has so little vegetables and fruits. There should be something else we can add up. What harm is a few bananas over the diet make any difference. May be one mango a week is not that bad, or may be a slice of water melon!

These thoughts run over my head throughout the diet. I know you have it too. I am a vegetarian. The meat is a big no. No Poultry, Red meat or fish. But with limited veggies, I don’t think I can go 21 days. To make things worse, there are a few vegetables which are seasonal on the list which I cannot acquire anyways.

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Tweaking the diet was one of the few options I had which I thought would be great. But then what’s wrong with one banana every 3 days and a watermelon once in a week? Of course they are not on the diet protocol and I think Dr.Simeon just overlooked it. But that was not the case after all. There are reasons why bananas are not on the diet. Bananas are high on Sodium. The sugar levels on Watermelon and Mangoes are higher than recommended.

While we think that certain vegetables or fruits can do no harm, there are other reasons why the hcg diet has so little vegetables and Fruits. These vegetables and fruits are here for a reason. The have the right ingredients for nutrition and also can help you lose weight. High sodium, sugar or anything which affects the diet program are simply taken off the list. Sticking on the diet program is simply the best way to lose weight. After all its just 21 days right! No its not.

If you want to go on reducing your weight you should watch what you eat. The HCG diet protocol consists of food which are low fat, low calories. What we fail to see is that its also less in some of the nutrients which fat people eat. Think of sodium. If you are Fat because you have excessive water retention in your body, cutting down on your sodium will help you lose those extra inches around your waist. While reducing Fat foods or calories is not going to help , the reduced sodium in your diet will help you lose the water which are excess in your body, making you look healthier and thinner .

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Modifying the hcg diet is not recommended. Its not just any 500 calorie diet. Its tested and proven to work. Its tested with each of the vegetables in the list to provide the right nutrient’s for your diet but making sure that you still reduce weight. You should understand that we all have different compositions in our body. My physique is different from yours. Just because I am fat doesn’t mean that you are fat for the same reason. I have not worked out for years, but I see that many people who do a 1 hour walk in the morning are still fat with a double chin! Why Is that? Will the same diet work for both of us?

In most cases it wouldn’t. But when it comes with HCG, there have been rigorous tests with people who have tried it. This Makes HCG versatile for everyone, though very hard to follow. My advice would be just this. Don’t modify the diet in any way. Don’t add your set of veggies or reduce anything either. Keep the balance and make sure you follow the diet to the dot. If you succeed the 21st day, there are great changes, not just physically, but mentally too.

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