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Why You Should Never Buy HCG Injections Without Prescription

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Weight loss is a common mantra that people follow blindly and everybody wants instant results. Remember losing weight by harming the body isn’t the right solution. ihcg injections comes with the necessary mixing instructions that are available both online and included with the kit.

Various types of HCG products are available from providers across the earth. But, how do you know that these products are safe and genuine ?
HCG is a hormone that is produced naturally within the body and is commonly found in pregnant women. This hormone is used to treat infertility problems and other issues. But, remember, this hormone is administered and used only with the help of a licensed practitioner. Now, there are many sellers across the internet that provides these hormones without prescription. Using pharmaceutical grade HCG is the safest but most of the licensed pharmacies do not sell such products. Without a prescription, they won’t even dare to give such products to its customers. This guide is dedicated to why you should never buy hcg injections without prescription.

In this guide, you will know all about –

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  • Are These Non-Prescription HCG Injections Safe?
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Can I buy hcg without a prescription?

It is not possible to buy hcg without a prescription from a licensed doctor. If someone is selling, then get it straight, they are just scams. They might be selling fake stuffs in the name of original HCG hormone which might prove harmful for the body. Moreover, FDA warns everyone from buying or selling such products online without any prescriptions. Many products that claim to sell original HCG injections were found to have zero amounts of original HCG. Instead, they contained harmful components and other inactive ingredients which are of no use. In short, if someone is selling HCG injections then, it means it is completely fake and nothing other than a scam.

Over The Counter HCG Injections

If you are getting HCG injections without prescriptions, you are actually wasting money on them. FDA has listed many guidelines for manufacturing and selling drugs and medications. Most of the pharmacies that sell HCG products online do not abide FDA guidelines. Only licensed drug manufactures follow these guidelines and sell products with full guarantee. FDA is not responsible for such illegal activities and products that are intended only to harm the body and nothing else.

HCG Injections Manufactured Outside The US

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Since HCG hormones cannot be manufactured or sold without a license most of the hcg product providers get these drugs from outside the US. When many such products were caught by FDA, they were unable to trace the exact location where the drugs were being manufactured. In most of the cases all the hcg injections that you get without prescriptions are manufactured in foreign countries which do not follow any safety guidelines or rules put forward by FDA. There are many fraud cases available where people who consumed such drugs were hospitalized due to severe side effects. You never know what you are buying in the form of HCG injections. This is one of the reasons why you should never buy hcg injections without prescription.

Are These Non-Prescription HCG Injections Safe?

As a matter of fact, safety about these medications cannot be determined as they don’t come under the law. All such HCG products are manufactured illegally and without any formal procedures. HCG hormone is something that has to be stored and manufactured with care. Most of the licensed HCG hormone products follow the law and rules and are administered only through a licensed staff. Even then the side effects that occur are inevitable but you can relax as you are under the right hands. In the case of non-prescription HCG injections, there is no guarantee that you have chosen the right drug. If something goes wrong whom will you blame and obviously the product provider isn’t going to help you anyway. Remember, HCG hormones have severe side effects as it creates an imbalance inside the body by alerting the hormonal balance. So, such products especially HCG shots should be taken only under the guidance of a licensed practitioner.

What If The Injection You Buy Has Nothing To With HCG Hormone?

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Have you ever given a thought about it? While being under the weight loss sway most of the people blindly trust the weight loss gimmick found online. When you are in your normal senses, you will have the ability to understand that these are just mere attention grabbing techniques. There are many ads that showcase instant weight loss tags like” the new hcg shots and she melted her inches way in just a few weeks”. If you are person who have heard enough from people who call you fatty and you are obsessed on losing weight, there are chances that you might fall prey to such online frauds. Bear in mind, there are no instant weight loss solutions available, till date on this earth. You have to earn it slowly and steadily by balancing your diet and work outs.

Ordering HCG injections online might be just frauds as they merely contain any active components or HCG hormone in them. Moreover, they can be contaminated as they don’t follow the law and therefore who knows how they were manufactured and stored. What is the point in exposing your body to such harmful substances and pathogens in the name of weight loss? Is this a necessity? It is high time that you start thinking yourself about what is good and what is bad for your body.

HCG Injections Side Effects

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There are a lot of side effects that come along with these injections. I really don’t know whether you will be able to lose weight or not but for sure you are going to give pain to your body. According to FDA, it says that HCG injections do not cause weight loss but the actual trick that does the work is the HCG diet. When you go on a crash diet, it is sure that you will lose some pounds within few weeks. Applying injections without a medical staff is another issue that you need to take care off. Also HCG hormones cause side effects inside the body so taking such shots without a prescription and a doctor’s guidance is sheer foolishness.

Weight Loss From HCG Injections

There are claims from the world and there are lots of dedicated forums online that vouch for such products. But the fact is that the whole scientific community hasn’t been able to prove that these products contribute to weight loss. FDA has done numerous clinical trials with different products with clearly no visible results. HCG is a hormone that is found in pregnant mothers and is basically a fertility hormone. The association of HCG hormone with weight loss is still a mystery and there are no proven results to guarantee weight loss. Going on a crash hcg diet will surely help you to lose weight as you are starving your body by not eating.

Homeopathic Drops Safer Than HCG Injections

There is another group who claim that homeopathic hcg drops are a safer alternative to hcg shots or injections. Again the case here is that; even these homeopathic HCG drops are not reliable. There is no proof available about how they work and do they even contribute to weight loss. Homeopathic HCG contains zero amounts of HCG hormone in them according to reports. The point is, if there is no HCG in them then what are you actually dumping into your body. I am not sure what the either of the products contain in them and how they help to lose weight. Both are dangerous for the body if they are not genuine products. Moreover, there are hundreds of homeopathic HCG products available online. So, who to trust and what is the benchmark of such products?

Prescription hcg injections online

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The FDA approves off-label prescribing of certain drugs by doctors and licensed practitioners. That is prescribing the drug for other purposes that are not mentioned under the label. But the patient should be aware of the side effects of the drug that is being used. It is mandatory for the doctor to make the patient aware of it. Now, this is how HCG injections are being used for weight loss but such off-label uses are not devoid of dangers. There are pharmacies that are licensed to sell HCG products with prescription inside the United States. But the question is when HCG is not a proven technique why run behind the same? There are cases where people who used prescription HCG injections were hospitalized with side effects like pulmonary embolism and other side effects. It is always better to seek the guidance of an expert while dealing with such weight loss issues rather than jumping into problems.


Weight loss is a common mantra that people follow blindly and everybody wants instant results. Remember losing weight by harming the body isn’t the right solution. A healthy weight loss program takes some extra time to make you shed your pounds. Crash diets and hormonal weight loss methods are all just bogus claims made for monetary benefits of certain organizations. When you think of losing weight using hcg injections and that too without a prescription; do give a second thought. Better ask your health practitioner before taking a leap.

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